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Expert Septic Tank Services in Guntersville, Alabama

When you need septic tank services in the Guntersville area, trust the experts at Complete Septic Services. Our technicians have the skill, knowledge, and tools to fix most of your septic tank problems on the spot. We are a licensed and insured septic tank company that provides services in all fields of the industry from installation, repair and maintenance. We have the industry experience to give you the best service with modern technologies, up to date designs, and state certified technicians for fast and efficient results with reasonable rates.

Expert advice from professional technicians
Locally owned & operated company
Over 15 years of septic industry experience

Guntersville, AL Full Service Septic Company

Our Complete Septic Service experts will come to your Guntersville, AL home to assess the situation, walk you through your options, and provide you with all necessary information so that you can make an informed decision before we begin any work on your installation or replacement.

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Septic Tank Installation

Proper installation also results in fewer issues and repairs necessary over the lifetime of the unit and its components.
field line installation guntersville al

Field Line Installation

Installation comes down to location and proper levels. Placement can be a big task, but it’s worth doing it right.
septic tank maintenance guntersville al

Septic Tank Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps prevent solids from escaping & clogging the drainfield and preventing larger issues.
field line maintenance guntersville al

Field Line Maintenance

Drain fields are an important part of a septic system. We're experienced in unclogging and repairing existing lines.
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Our Septic Service Areas

Complete Septic Services serves Marshall County, DeKalb County, Jackson County, Cullman County, Morgan County, Etowah County, Cherokee County and Madison County in North Alabama. That area includes: Guntersville, Fort Payne, Scottboro, Cullman, Oneonta, Centre, Decatur and Huntsville city areas.

If you have questions about our service area, give us a call at 256.665.4901 for more information.

Know When You Need Septic Service vs Needing Plumbing Services.

Call a Septic Company if More Than One Fixture is a Problem.If more than one fixture, such as your kitchen sink and toilet, seems to be clogged at the same time, you may need to call a septic service company. Multiple clogs occurring simultaneously indicate there may be a clog in your main sewer line leading out to your septic tank. A main line clog will eventually cause most all drains in your home to back up and not drain.
If Your Toilet Does Not Flush or Suddenly Starts to Back Up.This is another one that can be hard to figure out. If your toilets suddenly do not flush or start to back up, your first instinct may be to call the plumber. However, if you have a septic system on your property, it could be a sign of a septic clog or an overfilled tank. Call a us first to rule out a septic system problem before calling in a plumber.
Call Us if You Have Standing Water in Your Yard.If you see standing water outside your house near the septic tank or you notice bad smells coming from the area around the septic tank, you should call a septic tank contractor. This issue indicates the septic tank is reaching capacity and in need of a septic tank pumping.
If a Plunger Can't Resolve the Issue, You May Have a Severe Clog.If a plunger can't resolve the situation or loosen things up, chances are you have a severe clog that is located further down your pipes. Check to make sure other sinks, showers and toilets are working properly because a severe clog can quickly cause other problems if not addressed in a timely manner.
If Your Septic Tank is Older Thank 15 Years, It May Be the Root Problem.If your septic tank is older than 15 years and you start to experience "plumbing" problems, it could be tricky. An older tank is more likely to have problems, especially if it cannot keep up with your household size or water usage. Our advice would be to call us first to inspect your tank before calling in a plumber.

DO's and DON'Ts of Your Septic Tank System

What you put into your septic system greatly affects its ability to do its job. Remember,
your septic system contains living organisms that digest and treat waste. Your system is not designed to be a garbage can and solids build up in the septic tank that will eventually need to be pumped.

Here you will find a list of the best practices our experts have found to be the most effective in promoting healthy living with a septic system.
1Get your tank inspected and pumped every 3-5 years.
2Record septic tank service, repairs & inspections.
3Keep septic area clear of trees and other large roots.
4Limit the amount of daily water from dishes.
5Eliminate or limit the use of a garbage disposal.
6Use vinegar or lemon juice as a rinse aid in dishwasher.
1Don't wait for signs of malfunction from septic system.
2Don't ignore odors, soginess around the septic area.
3Don't put contaminants or chemicals down the drain.
4Don't flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper.
5Don't drive or place equipment over your septic tank area.
6Don't make repairs without obtainin a required permit.

Our Septic Work is Performed by Qualified Professionals.

Whether we're installing a new septic system or maintaining your current system, we put quality first. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and the quality of our workmanship. If you’re looking for a reputable contractor to service your septic system, you can count on the professionals at Complete Septic Services.

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